Studio Hannes Wettstein

Design agency

The concept behind Formpark and Formpark Mini was developed by Studio Hannes Wettstein. The Zurich-based design agency creates clocks, furniture, lamps and architectural programmes for international clients. Among other developments for Bauwerk Parkett, Studio Hannes Wettstein designed the new award-winning showroom concept for Bauwerk’s Worlds of parquet. At the same time, the agency came up with the pioneering concept for Formpark and Formpark Mini: Each version comes in two generous formats ideal for creating innumerable innovative patterns. Thanks to the chosen dimensions, the planks can be installed both parallel to each other or at a right angle, allowing for a never-ending variety of floor typologies. As all other creations by Studio Hannes Wettstein, Formpark and Formpark Mini display an outstanding sense of architecture, poetry and consistency. An exclusive parquet floor that is beyond fashionable and will always be contemporary thanks to its individuality and diversity.